People still haven't figured out that Google keeps track of literally every stupid thing that we search for. A new study looked at the searches made last November and figured out what each state was Googling more than the others.

Iowa's top search was, of course, "What is Thanksgiving?" I'm just going to assume it's because kids are doing some sort of Thanksgiving-related report. Nine other states also Googled that: Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Quad citizens in Illinois are looking up "Friendsgiving," same with the state of Washington. Friendsgiving is basically the same as normal Thanksgiving, except you replace your family with friends.

Other notable searches include:

  1. Ten states asking "When is Thanksgiving?"
  2. In Colorado looks up "turkey bowling."
  3. Three states asked "Does England celebrate Thanksgiving?"
  4. Missouri asked "Does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving?"
  5. South Dakota apparently needed help finding meaning in the holiday, their top search was "Things to be thankful for."
  6. Four states searched for "Restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me."

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