I probably do not I have to say this out loud, but I will never pay $76,000 for any meal. I can think of a million things I'd rather spend that money on.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is serving up a Thanksgiving dinner that you would have to take out a loan just to order. Co-owner Marc Sherry says the $76,000 meal isn't just a dinner, "you're creating memories."

Here's everything you get for that steep price tag:

  • $100 imported king oysters with Opus wine mignonette sauce.
  • Inch-think, $225-per-pound smoked bacon slabs, cured from an imported Japanese black boar, topped with an orange marmalade glaze made from $75 Dekopon oranges and $1,800 special reserve bottle of cognac.
  • Lollipops of the $475-per-pound Japanese Wagyu beef, served with peppercorn au poivre dipping sauce infused with $4,800 Louis XIII cognac.
  • Organic, free-range $105-per-pound turkey basted in $17-per-ounce Italian olive oil and seasoned with Middle Eastern spices.
  • Whipped sweet potatoes topped with $1,600-per-ounce black caviar from the Caspian Sea.
  • Mashed potatoes with $455-per-pound imported Swedish moose cheese.
  • Gravy infused with $3,300 special reserve Pappy Van Winkle bourbon.
  • Stuffing that's a mix of of $54-per-pound foie gras and a $46 sourdough loaf.
  • Cranberry sauce created from a mash of organic cranberries and a $1,750 French Cabernet Sauvignon reduction and an extra dash of $1,800 orange liquor.
  • Strawberries dipped in a sabayon cream sauce made with a vintage 1968 Cristal champagne.

The dinner also features four tickets to Hamilton, limo service, two-night luxury suite stay, $7,500 shopping spree on Fifth Avenue, and a $20,000 Ulysse Nardin watch.

Count me out this year.

Read more at CNBC.

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