It's hard to keep up with everything going on in this world.  From natural disasters, to a once every 100 years pandemic, to Will Smith and the slap heard around the world (or at least on social media for a week straight).

Oh, don't forget there's a major war going on too.  Russia has invaded Ukraine and everyone assumed it would be taken over in a day.  Turns out, the people of the Ukraine plan to fight for their country and their land.

Now, I normally don't like to get political...but I have no problem saying, Screw Putin and the horse he rode in on...shirtless presumably.

But what do we do?  We sit online and see talking heads debate whether or not we get involved as a country as we watch TikTok videos of bombs dropping on innocent people.

So, let's do something!  Now, I'm far too old to enlist (plus, I get tired really easily) there a way for me to buy beer and help that way?

Wait...there is? The Blue Cat has just tapped Putin Huilo, which helps the Ukraine in the best way possible.

Some proceeds from this beer go to Ukraine to make actual Moltov Cocktails!

Blue Cat Brewing Co just posted this:
Ukrainian brewery Пивоварня «Правда» / Pravda Brewery has halted production of their beer to manufacture Molotov cocktails to fight back against the Russian occupation. They have released their recipes to brewers all over the world to help their efforts. $1 from every pour of “Putin Huylo” (roughly translated to Dickhead Putin) will be donated to Pravda so they can manufacture more Moltov cocktails. How metal is that?

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