The holiday season means people will be traveling a lot to see friends and family to celebrate. But some people will be traveling alone this holiday season and if you are one of those people, make sure you have plastic bags to place on your mirrors for your safety.

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Someone Might Be In Major Trouble

If you see a plastic bag on a car mirror, that means someone could be having a major medical emergency and needs help.

Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities
Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

If someone is having a stroke, or heart attack, or is in child labor and needs medical attention ASAP, they may hang a bag on their mirror to get attention to have someone call 911 for them. If you see a white bag or towel on a car on the side of the road that has people in it, call emergency services immediately.

How Are Bags On My Mirror Going To Keep ME Safe?

The Camping Advisor gives many reasons why you should put bags over your mirrors to keep you and your car safe. While all of them are good points, here are a few of them that we thought made the most sense for Iowans.


The holiday season also means colder weather like ice and snow. Plastic bags over your mirror can help prevent ice to build up on your mirrors that are nearly impossible to scrape off. You need your side mirrors to drive and if they are covered in ice, it can become very dangerous especially when traveling on I-80 and other major interstates and highways in Iowa.

Bags can also be a great place to store items thieves might deem worthy enough to steal. Plus, if you put bags over your mirror, this helps prevent thieves from using them to see if anything of value is hidden.10

When You Should & Shouldn't Put Bags On Your Mirror

It should be obvious at this point that you should NEVER put bags on your mirror or over windows while you're actually traveling.

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The only time you should put plastic bags over mirrors is when your vehicle is parked.

Travel safe this holiday season, Iowa.

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