Alice Cooper was in town for his massive show at the Adler Theater last night, and found a different way to entertain himself during the day.



It's known that he's big into golfing and can often be found on local golf courses when he's out on tour. I mean, rockstars have to do something during the day.

PGA Tour - 45th Bob Hope Chrysler Pro Am - La Quinta Country Club - Second Round

When it's raining, and 30-40 degrees, you can't really enjoy a game of golf, which Coop knew, so he had to find another way to entertain himself.

So usually, he tries to get some walking in every day, and because of the rain here, he went where all the 74-year-olds in the Quad Cities go on a bad-weather day to get their steps in: North Park Mall.

Marcella Kientopf
Marcella Kientopf

What does a 74-year-old rockstar buy at Hot Topic? If you know, please tell us. We're dying to know.

Monica Mckown, the owner of Boozies Bar & Grill, said a lot of Coop's entourage was at Boozies before and after the show last night, who said that he would've been outside getting his steps in if it wasn't such nasty weather.

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