If you put the flag of the United States below you, it can only mean that you think somehow you must be above it.

That's just not true. I've used much of my blog space here to try and convince people to follow the U.S. Flag Code, and give Old Glory the respect it deserves as the symbol of our great nation and an honor to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect it.

And yet, here again we see some folks whose freedom is born on that very sacrifice disrespecting the colors. And I gotta tell you, it pisses me off. The Variety cover photo might to some be a portrait of patriots exercising their freedom to protest. But to me, once you s*** on the flag in that way, the rest of your message is lost on me.

So while these idiots on the cover of Variety might think they're representing the best of The United States, I just see a bunch of babies hiding behind my flag.


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