I'm not sure why I'm so excited.  I actually have to go help my sister paint INSIDE her house.  I won't be able to enjoy the "outside world" for the majority of Saturday.

But Sunday?  I'll be outside enjoying the sun. You can bet your sweet bippy, baby-buddy boy!

What are you plans?  I always have a project.  We've got the ATV battery charging, so that's going to be number 1.  Get that up and rolling, then the side-by-side so the kids have  something to do.  We'll need the ATV up first because I'll bet the side by side gets stuck somewhere along the line.

That'll start the clear out process for the garage.  See, we don't actually use our garage for it's intended purpose.  It's too far from the house to actually park cars in it. So we store our toys and my bar.

Which will be the next project.  I need to get that bar cleared off and polished up so I can enjoy a few cold ones out there.

Which is basically my motivation for most projects.  Either it will allow me to drink beer in the space or I will treat myself for a job well done with a few cold beers.

Sunday will be the day the kids get to clean up a season or twos worth of dog crap from the back yard too!  That'll be fun! I'll have to change the WIFI password for a little bit of incentive though.  They'll need that.

credit: WHBF

credit: WHBF

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