A woman shot video the other day of someone's lawn mower cutting the grass by itself. Which, because of all the rain here lately this could be great for any of us.

It's one of those self-propelled mowers and it's tied to a post with a long rope. So it moves around in a circle, and the rope slowly gets shorter and shorter as it wraps around the post. It's absolutely genius... except for the part where we remember that most of our yards are square, but I digress.

It reminded me that maybe I had seen this somewhere before, and after a quick search I found another one. Maybe this is actually becoming a new thing.

The fact is still that someone has to still do the edges and trimming. Maybe you could do that while the mower does the yard by itself? I'm just spit-balling here.

Is this a sign that we're getting lazier? Or is this genius?

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