The Iowa American Water Company has extended the precautionary boil order for West Davenport and Blue Grass to continue into Monday, November 14th.

Saturday was the start of the advisory after two large water main breaks occurred in the same area. Emergency repairs were completed Saturday afternoon, however, the Iowa American Water Company issued a precautionary boil advisory for the affected areas, which include:

  • North and South Lincoln Road north to W. Kimberly Road
  • South to W. River Drive in Davenport
  • West to the City of Blue Grass
Iowa American Water
Iowa American Water

Initial test results received late Sunday afternoon confirmed the water samples collected met all federal and state water quality regulations, however, under the guidance of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa American Water will continue to test additional samples as a safeguard for customers.

Until the precautionary boil order is lifted, customers in the affected areas should boil water to a rolling boil for five minutes before using for drinking or cooking. Water is able to be used for showering, laundry, and other non-consumptive uses.


The Iowa American Water Company will send out notifications via text and news outlets to let customers know when the boil order is lifted.

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