A Tik Tok user went viral this week after she filmed herself quitting her job at Wendy's and leaving through the drive-thru window.

Maria Kukulak told Fox News “I’ve always wanted to jump out of the drive-thru window but knew I couldn’t ever do it on my shift. I thought this was perfect timing to do it, while the managers were giving me lots of attitude.”

She told her followers in the video that she had been planning on quitting since new management came in. She said “It’s hard for me because I’ve worked here for a year and I actually really like it. But the managers, the new ones, are actually being really mean to me."

“I still have to mop and sweep so I’m not just going to just quit and leave it for them to clean because I feel bad, so I’m gonna hop out the window when I’m done … but first I’m going to sweep and do my job."

She drew the line after management told her she's a "lost cause."

Maria walked to the drive-thru window, said "John, I quit," and climbed out the window. You can hear John saying "Are you f---ing serious?" From outside the window, she turned to the boss and told him "I'm not a lost cause. I quit."

After the incident she uploaded a separate video of a customer's view of the incident.



Maria is happily working her new job.

It reminds me of the this video of Inetta the Modsetta quitting her radio job back in 2005.

Read more at Fox News

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