"This unusual mask has been developed in Israel to help those who want to eat while wearing a face mask to combat the spread of coronavirus."

It's hard to believe...but I'm NOT a scientist.  Yes, my afternoon show on Quad City radio has been on the air long enough to have earned a doctorate in anything...but I, alas have spent my spare time drinking beer and playing music....not studying epidemiology.

However.  I'm not sure this is how this works.  Unless there is a negative pressure air filtration system...I think we may still be in trouble.

One Facebook user commented, "Why bother living if that's going to be the future"

Another said, "lovely I think I'd rather catch the virus"

Yet another poet...er...I mean commenter said, "I actually find that mask distasteful!!! If I had to face that in a restaurant, I would def throw up. If this is what eating out will look like in the future, then I will def eat at home. That monster mouth turns my stomach, and what's the long tube thing for????? His coffee or milkshake? Aaaaaargh!!! Foods not that important to me that I would go out and eat looking like that."

Other people said, "Garlic cheese chips then close your mask, lovely I think I'd rather catch the virus, if this keeps up we will all be dead from methane gas poisoning."

And finally, "This contraption promises to become very gross very quickly. With all the food passing through it, some is certain to soil the mask. Clever idea, but not practical!"


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