A gambling website is offering $500 to whoever wins the position to serve as "professional cheeseburger tester."

The person's job will be to judge the burgers on 9 criteria:

  • Patty Texture
  • Patty Seasoning
  • Bun Softness
  • Bun Taste
  • Complexity of Flavor
  • Relish and Sauce Taste
  • Creaminess and Flavor of Cheese
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of Ingredients

The winner not only gets $500, but also a travel and cheeseburger purchasing fund so you can travel, taste, and review.

All of your reviews will be published on the BonusFinder website, so be sure you do your homework like you're supposed to.

The company said the winner will be selected and announced October 9th.

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