There's always a need in TV and radio to find a new way to say stuff on the air, so that your audience doesn't get bored of you. One meteorologist took that to a level I'm not sure whether to respect him for it, or look at in disgust.

"It's going to be hot, it's going to be hazy, and it's going to be humid. We know that. Sometimes it's time to find something else to talk about," Meteorologist Brian Smith said. "How about making some mailbox lasagna?"

Brian goes on to explain that you have to use fully cooked meat.

Then, assemble all of the ingredients - the noodles, and cheese, sauce, meat, in a 5" to 10" dish.

Put it in your mailbox by 10am, then when you come home from work, you can grab your mail AND your dinner.

"Do check it before you eat here, but essentially everything is going to melt down and just kinda bake... in your mailbox," he said.

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