For those who listen to the Dwyer & Michaels show early in the morning, you may have heard that the guys of the show are going to see the new Top Gun Maverick movie tonight (May 24) in theaters. Since this activity was labled as a "guys night" Dwyer said that I (Megan) was not not allowed to go.

Thinking the reason for the rejection was because I was a lady (which we all know is the real reason) Dwyer says I can't go because I will not enjoy the movie simply because I have never seen the first movie.

I decided to brush up my knowledge on this old movie by watching it and giving the film a review. Here were my thoughts:

  • 1

    "Hot" Love Scene

    Ummm... No.

    Let's start with this scene. I understand that every good movie needs a "romance" scene. But what the heck is this... I am fully aware this film was made in the 80's, but is this how people used to kiss? Yuck... They are literally just opening their mouths and touching tongue tips. It's weird. You know that awkward moment when you're watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on, and you feel so uncomfortable that you look away from the screen and your parents. This scene was more awkward than that... and I was watching it by myself.. 3/10

  • 2

    Volleyball Scene


    "Hmm, how can we capture the attention of the ladies and also show all the men shirtless? Oh I know, a sand volleyball scene."

    The film directors expected me to swoon and drool over all these sweaty men and their abs, however, as a semi-professional volleyball player, this scene made me go nuts in the wrong way. As I watched it, I was sitting there cringing because I could tell they did not know the rules of volleyball. Every time they would hit the net and pull it down, AHHH! Many people reading this will not understand and just think I'm being crazy picky, but if they were flying those planes wrong, y'all would be annoyed too.

  • 3

    Bar Song

    You've Lost That Loving Feeling

    Really lady? You fell for that? Sheesh. They made her character too easy.

  • 4

    Inverted Plane Scene


    Not gonna lie... Maverick taking a photo in the inverted plane was pretty sick. 10/10

  • 5

    This Couple


    Sorry to inform you, but I did not like Maverick. He is much too cocky. And don't even get me started on Charlie Blackwood. She annoys me. A smart woman with a high-ranking job risking her rep by having romantic relations with her student? Idiot. Girl, you know better than to fall for a toxic boy... I don't know what the second movie has to offer, but this couple is not going to last. It is much too toxic.

  • 6

    Goose's Death


    I really didn't know what happened here. I was like "wait he died?" When Goose hit the canopy of the plane, I did not get the hint that the incident was able to kill someone. However, it was still sad when they announced his death. Goose was a nice character so it was sad to see him go.

  • 7

    Final Dog Fight

    Too predictable

    100% predictable... I knew exactly what was going to happen. Of course, they were going to win and Maverick would save the day and then be buddy-buddy with blondie. It was a nice happy ending, but way too predictable.

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