Killer Queen, the world-touring Queen Tribute band, is coming to the Quad Cities this weekend, and we have your tickets below!

Killer Queen began their first public shows on the iconic London University stage, following the footsteps of the same group they tribute.

As the band's reputation grew, it led them to an awards ceremony where they were presented an award for “Worldwide Best Tribute Band”.

The group was so believable, that they were invited to do some harmonies to recreate Queen's sound for The Real Life with Fatboy Slim.

“It’s been an amazing journey. That first show changed my life. We thought our band would last maybe a summer at the most but it’s a very addictive thing performing these songs. The concerts grew and grew and we’ve ended up playing and selling out the same arenas that Queen played at their peak," Lead Singer and "Freddie" himself, Patrick Myers, said. "It’s been quite a surreal ride. Becoming regular performers at Red Rocks Arena in America is another highlight. The Beatles, U2, Springsteen, and Dylan all played on that stage. It’s really got its own kind of magic going on there.”

This one-of-a-kind show is coming to the Adler Theatre on Saturday, October 14th.

Tickets are available online through Ticketmaster and at the Adler Theatre box office, but we also have your chance to win tickets here:

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