"Do cows have fangs" is something I googled just now.  Never thought about it.  Never considered it. But now I know. And now Google knows that I didn't know.

They don't.  They don't have any upper front teeth.  They apparently just press the bottom teeth up on the roof of their mouth which is a hard palate in order to chew the grass.

So...these aren't cow skulls apparently.

The kids were out exploring this weekend.  We've got a creek on our property so it's ripe for getting muddy and dirty and having fun.  We found a raccoon face this summer.  No body, no tail, no skull.  Just a face.  Like Ed Gein himself was doing some taxidermy behind our barn.  There it was laying on the grass.

But that was ONE raccoon face.  It wasn't a raccoon face massacre like they found this weekend.

I heard a ruckus downstairs and when I walked into the kitchen I saw the wonderful sight of 5 skulls sitting on our counter.  Don't worry they weren't dirty...my daughter was washing them in the sink.  Over the dishes.  That we used to eat on.

So we initially thought they were cow skulls.  We've got a great pasture perfect for bovine.  But this google search I just did tells me otherwise.  Pigs perhaps?  We didn't find much else to give clues but I believe this will be an ongoing investigation.

We may even bring shovels next time.

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