Terror unfolded on Beech Mountain after a water line burst, leading to two people being taken to the hospital.

Video has begun circulating of the incident that took place yesterday.

It would seem that the resort tried to help everyone out by stopping the lift, but one bench was parked right over the spraying tube.

“The problem was when they stopped the lifts, they stopped a chair directly above the water," said Williams, "When that happened, it was pretty hard to watch.”

According to Emma LaPinto, the water pressure threw her from her chair.

“All I can remember is seeing the metal bar that comes down just fly up, and I just remember seeing myself in the air," LaPinto told WCNC.

"The hydrant was under a loaded chair, resulting in several patrons getting wet," the resort said. "Our operations and safety team worked diligently to unload the lift and drain the system safely. Avery EMS transported two patrons to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. We believe everyone is okay outside of the unfortunate situation, and operations are on a regular schedule."

The incident is under full investigation by the North Carolina Department of Labor.

Read more at WCNC

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