A woman in Apex, North Carolina has a video going viral after an exciting shopping trip to Target on Monday.

As she went to reach for some baked beans, Dianne Dupre noticed a snake sitting on the shelf next to the cans.

“I thought it was a child’s toy, so I thought, 'oh my goodness someone is pranking me, where’s the camera this is a joke,' because it was totally still," She told WRAL.

She thought someone was trying to play a joke, so she grabbed the beans anyway.

“As I zoomed in, I was going to take a photo, the tongue came out and that’s how I knew this is a real snake,” she said.

She was alone in the canned food aisle with a bigass snake, so she hollered for help from an employee.

“I looked up and down the aisle and I was calmly freaking out," she explained. "See, he’s slithering, oh my gosh I can’t even look at this. I’m telling the men to hurry.”

Team members at Target were able to safely remove the snake, which has been identified as a black rat snake. They're harmless to humans, but still spooky since they can grow up to the size of six feet long.

Dupree and her husband are from Upstate New York aren't used to snakes as big as the one Dianne saw on the shelf.

A spokesperson for Target told WRAL that employees immediately sanitized the areas the snake was known to have visited. They've also contacted a pest control company to do a thorough sweep of the store.

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