After a relatively slow start to the spring storm season, multiple tornadoes were reported across many parts of Iowa Sunday afternoon and evening. Here's video of a twister that struck Pella, Iowa including some of the damage it caused.

As we have shared previously, we have had an abnormally low number of tornadoes and warnings so far in 2021. That changed Sunday around our state as multiple tornadoes were reported including this one in Pella, Iowa. Brian Emfinger shared this video showing the tornado as it developed and some of the buildings damaged in the aftermath.

The Pella, Iowa tornado wasn't the only twister causing problems Sunday. Storm chasers showed a tornado-warned storm and the funnel cloud that caused the warnings near Fort Madison, Iowa.

So far, there have been no official damage reports from the National Weather Service as they have teams heading to Pella today to assess damage and rate the strength of the storms. NPR shared a story about how the National Weather Service decides on how strong a tornado is:

Tornado strength is currently measured on what is called the Enhanced Fujita Scale (adapted from the simpler Fujita Scale in 2007), which gives the tornado a rating from 0 to 5 based on estimated wind speeds and the severity of the damage.

This article will be updated once we know what rating the NWS announces for the damaging Pella tornado.

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