On "The Price Is Right" yesterday, a contestant named Ryan broke the show's all-time Plinko record and he went even more ballistic than the typical "Price Is Right" contestant would.

Of course, Plinko is the one where contestants drop those puck-like chips down a gigantic pinball-style board, and the chips end up in grooves at the bottom that are worth anywhere from $0 to $10,000.

Ryan hit the max, $10,000, with his first chip. On his next try, he got $1,000, and then Chip #3 hit the jackpot again.

His fourth try "only" won him $500, but then he hit the $10,000 again with his fifth and final chip. That's a total of $31,500.

Drew Carey said that was the most any contestant has ever won. The previous record was $30,500. The whole thing is about 99.9% luck, but Ryan didn't care, he was absolutely losing his mind.

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