0deA French marathon runner is getting bombarded on the internet after appearing to knock over a row of water bottles at a hydrating station along the route.

In the video, Morhad Amdouni, 33, can be seen running within a group of other runners as he approaches the table before reaching out and knocking over every bottle within the line as he grabbed the last one.

During the second half of the 26-mile race in Sapporo, Japan, the temperatures reached 84 degrees.


The internet so far is split between whether he did the act on purpose of not. Those who are giving him the benefit of the doubt point out that Morhad was sandwiched between other runners and didn't have enough space or time to grab one of the bottles.

To me, it looks like he's knocking the entire rest of the bottles off to mess with his opponent's heads.

Morhad placed 14th in the race.

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