As a little kid, I used to cringe any time I saw lightning, because I once saw a story on the news about a kid who was playing baseball under blue skies and got struck by lightning from a storm 2 miles away. Maybe I didn't read it, but I definitely had someone tell me about it, and it freaked me out for the longest time.

Today, my fear for lightning is now more of a healthy respect, because I better understand the true badassery that it is. I stand no chance against the wrath of a storm, and that's just further proven by this video near a high school in Wisconsin.

The CDC says the odds of being struck by lightning are something like 1 in 500,000, and this tree outside of Wautoma High School.

Principal Jennifer Johnson told UPI the strike happened just as students sat down to take their ACT's, which is obviously a sign that you shouldn't take the test.

The lightning seemed to split the tree in half.

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