All of us, at some point in our childhood, decided we were going to run away from home. We didn't have a plan, but we did pack our favorite toy and that was all we needed. Now, most of us didn't actually run away, but we just wanted our parents to think we were so we could get what we wanted.

A kid named Dawson's runaway attempt made it onto TikTok after being caught on a surveillance camera in his family's home.

The video starts off with Dawson announcing, "Dad! I'm running away!" As he starts his walk down the sidewalk of the house, out of the gate, with his Spiderman backpack bobbing behind him.

He has his skateboard in one hand, and his Minecraft Sword in the other, presumably in case he has to kick some ass along the way.

"Dawson! What are you doing?" the dad shouts back.

"You said you don't love me, I'm leaving," Dawson says back.

"I never said I didn't love you," Dad says back, which Dawson disputed. "I said 'Turn of your PlayStation, it's time for bed.'"

"Same thing." Dawson says back.

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Dad isn't having any of it.

"Get in here! And how are you going to run away with a skateboard and a Minecraft sword? Get back in here."

The video ends before we see if that was enough to convince Dawson to come back in. I suppose where I'm confused is why he didn't just pack up the PlayStation and leave with that if that was where the problem stemmed from.

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