There's unconventional ways of doing anything, but I always say it's not stupid if it works.

This guy down south somewhere had an alligator wandering around his neighborhood. In a video shared to Twitter of the gator being dealt with, you can hear the laughter and screams of children in the background, and a loose gator in a kids play area is the last thing you want.

Whoever this hero is, he walks into frame, in sandals, with a trash can tipped on its side with the lid opened.

He tries to corral the gator into the trash can, and eventually decides to shut the lid, forcing the gator to run into the trash can, which he's then able to tip up onto its wheels.

@MajorFactor2 via Twitter
@MajorFactor2 via Twitter

Doing anything near a gator that doesn't have its mouth tied shut is sketchy, and takes some massive cajones.

To just go after one, especially in sandals and only using a trash can for tools, really says a lot about you as a person.

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