Many of us have experienced the misfortune of losing our wallets. Perhaps yours was taken from your car's center console, which you thought was securely locked. Or, you might have left it on your car's roof while loading groceries, only to drive away forgetting it. Possibly, you placed it on the bar after a night out with a bit too much to drink. However you lost it, you find yourself unable to recall where you last had it, and now your money and private information are out for thieves to find.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Secret Information In Your Wallet

If you're carrying around a wallet packed with personal and financial data, be aware that such information is ripe for exploitation by identity thieves. With just your name and Social Security number, these criminals can begin applying for loans and opening accounts in your name. The situation becomes even more dire if they manage to pilfer a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or passport card, from your wallet and alter the image.
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Identity Theft

Almost one-third of Americans have been a victim of identity theft. Approximately 1.1 million reports of identity theft were collected by the Federal Trade Commission in the year 2022. In Mississippi, 10,260 people reported identity theft in the same year. 

Regrettably, several items in your wallet can provide opportunities for thieves to steal your identity and drain your bank account. These are things you absolutely should NOT carry with you every day. That's why experts advise everyone in the state of Mississippi to immediately take these items out of their wallets.

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Expert Warning People to NEVER CARRY These 7 Items in Their Wallets

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