One of our longest-time listeners did us a solid and sent us a ticket to Paul McCartney when he discovered that his father wouldn't be able to attend the show next week.

"I know you guys will do something dumb with it," Jay told us. And so, without further ado--here's your chance to go to see Paul McCartney Tuesday, June 11th at the Taxslayer Center with the Dwyer & Michaels 'Mr. One, Please' contest.

Using the tab on the 97X app, enter your sad, funny, or otherwise worthy story of why you only need ONE ticket to the Paul McCartney Show. The best stories will be chosen and read on the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show Tuesday, June 11th, and listener Jay will choose the winner!

You have until Friday to get us your story--through the 97X app! Good Luck!

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