Walmart has decided to offer two new services that stand out from the rest of the retail giants.

“This year, Walmart is making it even easier for our customers to bring these hallowed holiday traditions into their homes – without ever having to leave,” a news release said. “This holiday season, Walmart will hang your lights or deliver a live Christmas tree right to your doorstep.”

Customers wanting tree delivery will be able to select between a fresh-cut tree or a potted option. Sizes range from 3 feet to 9 feet tall.

GreenerypoinsettiasAmaryllis, the Norfolk Island Pine will also be available for delivery.

If you're not feeling up to getting on the roof this year, or have parents that can't do it themselves, they're also offering a light hanging service for one and two story homes. Professional light crews will show up to the home and hang the lights.

You buy the lights and hanging materials, and they'll put them up for only $129.

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