A Walmart shopper was knocked out cold by a peeved security guard who wasn't happy about being spat on.

The incident occured on June 1st, inside the Englewood, Colorado Walmart, according to a spokesperson for the company.

As the video started, the shopper donning shorts and a sweatshirt can be seen pushing a full cart as hard as he could into the employee, ramming him up against a Memorial Day display.

The employee slipped away from the cart, and that was when the shopper commited the final straw, leaning over the cart and spitting on the employee.

That was when the security guard, who works for a third-party security service, charged the customer while an employee tries to hold him back.

While he charged, the customer turned his back, and as the incident slips out of frame for a split second, a woman can be heard shouting "Don't do it!" The employees elbow draws back into the frame for a split second before a resounding "OH!" can be heard from everyone in the area.

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It's not clear what provoked the ordeal, but the customer teeters back and forth for a moment before collapsing to the floor unconscious. The contents of his cart were spread all over the floor after it tipped over during the punch.

The video ends with a man's voice saying "Damn!"

A Walmart representative said the security guard isn't allowed to work at any Walmart stores because of the incident.

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