A photo got circulated around last week of a Waffle House waitress in La Marque, Texas helping a 78-year-old customer cut his food.

The man said his hands were a little weak, because he recently got out of the hospital. The waitress, 18-year-old Evoni Williams, helped him out by cutting his ham for him and acted like it was no big deal.

The reaction it's gotten has been a big deal. After the photo blew up on Facebook, the mayor of La Marque honored her by declaring March 8th Evoni Williams Day.

Then the president of Texas Southern University saw the photo, found out Evoni has been waiting tables to save up for college, and offered her a $16,000 scholarship.

A spokeswoman for the university says Evoni showed the type of character they wish all their students had. Evoni says she's planning to study business administration and hopes to own her own restaurant or salon someday.

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