In golf, there's a few kinds of hazards to avoid, like water, sand traps, or trees. Well, one group of golfers in Texas had a pretty unique hazard on their course - a Range Rover.

While hanging out on the course, Phillip Morgan and friends spotted the black Range Rover luxury SUV driving at a high rate of speed across the course. So, Phillip pulled out his phone to record.

"Then, I saw a police car and it was like being in Grand Theft Auto," Morgan recalled. "It was kind of extreme."

The two guys inside of the Range Rover, later identified as 20-year-old Grey Martinez and 19-year-old Trevor Passmore, were being chased after failing to stop for a traffic stop.

"I'm just glad nobody got hurt, because there were a lot of people on the golf course so that could have ended in a terrible way," Morgan said.

The two men left the vehicle behind and ran on foot after the pursuit resulted in a crash in a Fairfield subdivision.

ABC 13 said there were reports that Martinez dropped an AK-47 when he ran from the car and Passmore was in his swimming pool when he was taken into custody.

"With the assistance of a Constable Canine, the driver was apprehended and identified as Grey Martinez. While taking him into custody he spit on a deputy," a constable's office news release read.

The same morning this pursuit took place, was the same day Martinez was already scheduled to appear in court for a previous police chase.

In the previous chase, he'd been pulled over and was outside of the vehicle with a deputy. He handed over his driver license, and then returned to the vehicle and took off.

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