2Video was shared over the weekend, of a near-miss that could've been absolutely devastating, but quick thinking and reaction from the driver saved the day.

Dylan Boyland, a full-time mechanic with the Medina City School Transportation Department, was driving a school bus route for the first time as part of his driver training on April 19th. At about 15 students on board, Boyland was stopped at a home, picking up students on their way to school.

“First time with kids on the bus, you’ve really got to get in that driving mode and just take your training to the best that you know you can do,” said Boyland.

On nearly his last stop cameras around the bus show a student just sitting down when the horn of the runaway semi can be heard.

“You could hear the horn before you could see the truck,” said Boyland.

From a dash camera on the truck, you can hear the panic in the driver's voice as he barrels downhill towards a bus full of kids.

“You need to take a situation and you need to identify it, predict the outcome, decide what you are going to do and then do it so to make those decisions in that short window and maneuver around the vehicles that he went around, he’s one of my heroes after watching it,” said Medina Schools Transportation Director Robert Travis.


A vehicle sitting behind the school bus saw the truck barreling down behind them, and scooted off the road.

News 5 Cleveland
News 5 Cleveland

The video shows the truck narrowly miss the bus, and manage to fit in the gap between the bus, and the oncoming traffic that was stopped because the stop sign arm was out on the school bus.

The truck slowed to a stop within a quarter-mile of the incident. Boyland said many of the kids on the didn't even know they were in danger.

“Some of them kind of knew what was going on a little bit but others were like ‘what was that truck?'” said Boyland.

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