A simple gesture, to the right person, becomes a show of selfless love.

Eva Bari is afflicted with alopecia, a condition causes partial or complete hair loss and affects over 147 million people across the world.

Being it often leads to bald patches, Eva has taken to buzzing her head after stints of growth to keep things looking even.

Recently, she asked her boyfriend to do the shaving for her, and she wanted to record a TikTok to show what alopecia looks like.

Throughout the video, she switches from being visibly upset, to being stoic toward the situation.

At the very ending, the boyfriend turned the clippers to himself, and shaved his head as well, starting with a strip right down the middle of his head.

Eva begins sobbing uncontrollably. I did too.


@eva_barilaroAfter months growing my ##hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my ##boyfriend to ##shave my ##head again... first time was my granddad.

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