If you've ever seen a pond get stocked with fish, you know it's a pretty easy deal. They back the truck up to the water, open up a water tank and dump thousands of fish into the water. It's an effortless task, unless you mess up during the only step there is.

Video shared to ItemFix showed the moment a guy popped open the water tank holding the fish he was putting into the lake, but wasn't prepared for the amount of water that was about to hit his feet.

No, the man wearing flip flops had no clue that he wasn't going to have traction on his truck bed once the water started to flow.

His feet slid out from under him, and the water pushed him out of the truck bed and into the pond as hundreds and hundreds of fish dumped on top of him.

brrrtmn via ItemFix
brrrtmn via ItemFix

His friend doesn't help at all, after seeing the guy disappear under hundreds of gallons of water and fish. He just stands there with a smile on his face.

I'm sure the guy's fine, but he might've been slapped by a few fish on his way to shore.

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