Video shared on Twitter shows just how fearless Floridians can be when it comes to facing alligators, as the video shows a middle-aged man fighting off an alligator with nothing but a frying pan.

The video doesn't show what happened to piss off the gator, but you can tell this guy is pissed off too.

When the video begins, the man wearing a red shirt gets run up on by the alligator, and it looks like he deals with this all the time, because he just calmly take a step back and bonks the reptile on the head with the frying pan.

Gwendalupe Estefani via YouTube
Gwendalupe Estefani via YouTube

The gator takes a step back, its mouth still showing its behavior as an attack position. It looks like it's about to charge again.

Florida man simply responds by smacking the hissing bastard again, this time square on his nose. It's then that the gator decides he's had enough.

Florida people are just built different, I guess. Out of everything in the house, why is a frying pan the go-to? I mean, it obviously works, but what was the thought behind it in the first place?


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