With the Super Bowl just around the corner, tickets are going up for sale, and the resale for them will be astronomical. People wanting to see the game, people wanting to see Taylor Swift, and people wanting to go for the halftime show will pay thousands of dollars for the experience, which can be out of reach for many of those who served for us.

Luckily, Vet Tix has an awesome offer.

What Is Vet Tix?


Vet Tix is a non-profit organization who's aim is to provide tickets to local and national events to all branches of currently serving military and veterans, and immediately family members of troops killed in action.

Their tickets

From their website, VetTix.com;

Vet Tix is committed to helping put veterans and service members (including Reserve and Guard) in empty seats at games and events across the nation. We are a nonprofit that channels more than 95 percent of its revenues directly into programs. Since 2008, we have had the pleasure to distribute more than 20.3 million free tickets to over 1,848,971 VetTixers.


Tickets for these events are donated both by venues/promoters, and people who love the organization and service members.

Sometimes events are free, or sometimes they are available for ridiculously cheap, like the Super Bowl.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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How Can Vets Get Super Bowl Tickets?

The first step is to get yourself verified on Vet Tix's website, using ID.me and create an account.

Then, find the event you want to go to - like the Super Bowl - and sign up for the ticket lottery. If your number is selected, you will have the chance to buy the tickets for just $14.97.

Learn more at VetTex.com

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