Try reading that headline 10 times fast.

A man from Reno Nevada was arrested for vehicle burglary on Friday, May 27th. The next day he was released from jail, only to get arrested hours later for breaking into a car in the jail parking lot.

Washoe County jail
Washoe County jail

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said Aidan Crowley, 21, was booked Saturday on charges of felony vehicle burglary and gross misdemeanor attempted grand larceny.

The day before, the University of Nevada Police Department booked Crowley on a felony charge of vehicle burglary and gross misdemeanor charges of vehicle tampering causing damage, and destroying the property of others. (Fox5Vegas)

After being booked on Friday, he was released Saturday night around 10:00 PM. A few hours later, deputies found Crowley sitting inside a vehicle in the jail parking lot. The car, of course, was not his. Deputies also found another car nearby had been broken into.

“Sheriff Balaam reminds all citizens to lock the doors on your vehicle when unoccupied and to remove all valuables from the view of would-be thieves,” the sheriff’s office said.

Washoe County Sheriff's Office Facebook
Washoe County Sheriff's Office Facebook

Here are what commenters had to say:

Kasey BartonOh the catch and release program at its finest.

Jenn DealHis parents must be real proud of him.

Adrienne AbbottHe didn’t want to leave!

Wendy LeeThat was a bold move cotton.

Linda DennistonHe’s obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Michael RussellWait he was breaking into cars at the county jail? This guy is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.

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