ptheI hate to be a broken record, by talking about the same thing over and over...but just today I wrote an article regarding my feelings on vasectomies. Spoiler alert: I'm for them.

Well, I got a lot of feedback on that article, which is weird because I write a lot of articles. For some reason, this topic got people's attention enough to want to "lengthen" the conversation.

I didn't want to "cut" them short so I listened.

What I heard was not shocking.  Turns out most women I talked to are also pro-vasectomy.  In fact, I would say they are aggressively "for it".  So much so, that they apparently have started a new trend.

From the same people that brought you "baby showers" and "bridal parties" and more recently "gender reveals" now give to you the "Vasectomy Party".

I can't say I'm sorry I missed out on this new trend, but I'm always down for a good party.  Even if it includes a sign that says "Ball Voyage" or cupcakes that say "snip snip hooray".

No extra party for me.  Not even some empathy. Just my wife calling me names because she had to push 2 babies out of her front hole and meanwhile I got a couple of small "paper cut sized incisions"...AFTER they anesthetized my nether region.

So, yeah.  I guess I would've liked a cake that said, "All Juice, No Seeds".  In fact, I'll take two slices, please.

Ouch...can we not talk about "slices"?

Vasectomy Parties

Vasectomies are up (pun intended) 900% according to recent research. If that's the choice you make, there's reason to celebrate and we're here for it. We've discovered the many ways people are honoring the vasectomy patient. From the subtle to the full-blown; here are ways you can celebrate the vasectomized.

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