I'm not looking to get heavy into this subject.  Roe v Wade is a discussion for another time...probably over way too many drinks and away from children if it can be helped.  However, if when the cops get called on a noise complaint, I hope they will understand that passion doesn't have a volume knob.

That being said...

The recent supreme court decision to overturn the decades-old ruling has apparently had an unintended effect on the population.

According to WTVM.com, “Since Friday, we’re up 900 percent in people looking to get a vasectomy,” Dr. Christian Hettinger with Kansas City Urology Care said. “Typically, it’s about three over a weekend, and over this past weekend, it was 50 people.”

You read that right.  From about THREE to FIFTY people took to the knife in just one weekend.

I am PRO-Vasectomy.

Based on my own experience, I would recommend the procedure as highly as I would recommend anything that gets you out of work for 2 days and lets you eat ice cream and watch tv with no repercussions.

I've seen too many people paying child support (or avoiding child support) when they could've just gotten a procedure that was done quicker than the act that actually made the kid.

Here's a Pro-Tip For Those About  to Go Under The Knife

Get yourself two to three 20-ounce plastic bottles.  Fill them 3/4 of the way full of water and line them up in the freezer door.

About every hour or so, you swap one of those bad boys out and you don't have to worry about tainting a bag of frozen peas (pardon the pun).

I've also got a pretty good story that can't be told here regarding my post-op follow-up visit.  Let's grab a drink and I'll fill you in soon.

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