Cory Lutz in Petersburg, Kentucky constructed a giant snowman in his yard with the help of his fiancée and her sister. Days later, someone was driving by, saw "Frosty", and decided to run it over.

What the vandal didn't know is that Frosty was built over a big tree stump.

When Cory got home, he saw tire tracks in the yard leading up to the snowman and bumper-shaped dent in the snow against the stump. Somewhere in Petersburg is a person driving around with a jacked up bumper, all because they tried to destroy a stranger's snowman.

My fiancée, Lucy, was visiting from Mississippi this weekend with her sister Laura, and was elated to experience the biggest snowfall she’s ever seen!

We had a full weekend of sledding, snowball fights, (and even canoeing) and making the most of the winter wonderland. Of course, that included building a snowman! Using the massive stump in our front yard as a base, we built a towering, 9 ft. Snowman - decked out in a top-hat, and smiling at the neighbors.

Everyone driving by loved him, and waved and honked to express their delight. However, evidently not everyone was a fan! I arrived home to find a set of tire tracks across my yard, ending (abruptly) at the base of the snowman. The massive stump now exposed, with a snowy imprint of a bumper stuck to it!

Apparently Frosty had been handing out life lessons to some very-surprised 4x4 vandals. “You reap what you sow!” Still standing, and still smiling, Frosty certainly had the last laugh!

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