In today's world, the only way to get noticed as a political candidate in the midst of attack ads on every platform is by doing something that makes you really stand out against the rest.

For Utah State Senate candidate Linda Paulson, someone told her the best way to stand out would be to release a rap video.

Linda Paulson via YouTube
Linda Paulson via YouTube

In the rap video, she doesn't bash any other candidates, but only talks about herself, her beliefs, and her plans if she's elected.

The lyrics, backed by nothing but a piano and a drum track, explain her being pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-police, pro-right to bear arms and pro-free speech.

Linda Paulson via YouTube
Linda Paulson via YouTube

"And support traditional family, as the fundamental unit of society," she says rhythmically to the backing track.

If this campaign doesn't work out, it's fair to say we should expect a mixtape from Linda to drop anytime.

"If you share my values, if you like what I stand for, then give me your vote on the 8th of November," she wraps. "District 12 needs a choice. Let me be your voice."

As the video wraps up, she finishes with the power line "Linda Paulson, Linda Paulson for Senate," Paulson raps while raising her hands.

Comments on the video range from people thinking it's a joke, to some saying positive things like Brody, who said "It's nice that for once a candidate doesn't trash her opposite to make herself look better and just says what she believes straight up."

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