This was the email sent to Dwyer:


Was that a catchy enough heading to grab your interest?

So, here's the thing. I do a bit of commuting, and most of it is either out of your station's range, or at times when you two aren't on the air. So, I found a couple of nifty programs that allow me to record your morning program and edit out all the commercials and whatnot every since Sofia Vergara's Diet Pepsi Commercial (And another point, if some people think that the 'Today in Rock History' music is annoying, go ahead and bring that commercial back). Over a period of time, I started to notice a specific trend of you partner in crime. He uses the work "Alright" as a unnecessary segway word (i.e. 'alright, we'll be back', 'alright, thanks man', 'alright, we have to do these', 'alright, moving on', etc.) ALL THE TIME!!!! And ever since I noticed it, it just stands out all that much more.

Now, one of my favorite aspects of your show is that the two of you pick at each other all the time, and especially since this furnace filter thing came up, I thought I'd help out and add some fuel to the fire. With the recording and editing programs that I have, I set out to collect Michaels' saying 'Alright' 100 times, and ONLY as a segway word. So, if he said something like 'I've seen N*Sync in concert, and it was alright', then it didn't count. Do you know how long it took to collect unique100 segway alrights?? Less than two weeks. That's it! (If need be, I can send you every individual clip for verification, because I have a feeling that SOMEone won't believe it.)

So, thought I'd shoot you this clip that I put together, because nothing is more frustrating trying to break the trend of a verbal habit that's been pointed out to you, especially when talking is how you make your living. Hope you can have some fun with this! Happy Friday!!!

-Dr. Rumpcheck

Give it a listen: