We know, we know. Bigfoot's fake, bigfoot is a guy in a costume, blah blah blah, but you can't argue that this footage is pretty dang convincing - so much so that the US Forest Service isn't even sure if it's fake or not.


A rep from the USDA Forest Service has allegedly told TMZ that some footage from the San Juan National Forest is something they're well aware of, but they're not prepared to say anything whether or not it's valid.

According to TMZ, the Forest Service's official stance was this;

"The USDA Forest Service can't speculate or provide comments on the authenticity of the video. We'll be sure to alert the media if and when a Sasquatch is sighted by officials on National Forest System lands."

It's the good old "We can't confirm or deny" response, but surely, there's gotta be somebody out there who knows more about it.

It's probably telling that they won't be investigating the incident any further, which I suppose would mean that Sasquatch wasn't actually roaming around the forest that day - but believe whatever you feel you see in the video.


To date, nobody's ever gotten their hands on a Bigfoot - dead or alive - for observation and studying, but that doesn't stop 11% of Americans from believing he or his species is out there wandering the wilderness, dodging scientists, hunters, and lovers alike.

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