We're only a few days away from Christmas and package handlers are feeling stress of millions of gifts being shipped. Luckily not all of them crack like this one in St. James, Missouri.

Sandy Bast heard a noise outside her home on Monday morning and looked out the window to see the cause. There was a U-Haul parked in front of her yard and somebody was throwing boxes out of the back. UPS drivers will use U-Hauls during the busy season.

About 25 packages were unceremoniously chucked out of the truck. Bast went to the local news, who in turn contacted UPS. Within hours a supervisor knocked on her door and apologized.

UPS also sent the following statement:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods and procedures to safely transport and deliver packages. Mishandling packages is not tolerated. We will investigate the situation and take appropriate action.

Read more at KMOV.

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