A young umpire made the right call during a youth baseball game when one of the younger players found himself caught in a dust devil that spun up on home plate.

Teen umpire Aidan Wiles was calling a game for the little league at Fort Caroline Athletic Association baseball field in Florida on Sunday when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

"I've never seen anything like that my whole entire life, on or off the field," Wiles told First Coast News.

attachment-dust devil 2

In a matter of seconds, the 7-year-old catcher, Bauer Zoya, was caught in the middle of a massive dust devil.

Wiles told CBS affiliate WJAX-TV that he jumped into action as soon as he realized the boy was having a hard time getting out of the whipping winds that were spinning up around him.

"I knew his little body couldn't handle it, so I just rushed in and got him," Wiles told the news channel.

"I couldn't breathe that much," Bauer told them. He said he felt something pull him harder, and realized after that it was his umpire.

"Next time I see him, I just want to say thank you," Bauer said.

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