The Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer, John R. Tyson, was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly becoming intoxicated and falling asleep in the wrong home.

An arrest report states that the 32-year-old was found asleep around 2am in a woman's bed in Fayetteville, Arkansas, about 10 miles from the Tyson Headquarters.

The woman called police when she found him saying she didn't know the man who was laying in her bed.

Washington County Sherrif's Office
Washington County Sherrif's Office

She told dispatchers that she's pretty sure her door was left unlocked and that's how he must've gotten into the home. Officers say they located Tyson in the back bedroom, in bed with his clothes on the floor in front of it. He was identified by his driver license.

Police say they tried to wake Tyson up to speak with him and find out why he was there, but he was unable to respond. After sitting up momentarily, Tyson laid back down to go back to sleep.

Washington County Sheriff's Office
Washington County Sheriff's Office

The report stated officers smelled alcohol on his breath and body and his movement was sluggish and uncoordinated.

Tyson was arrested on criminal trespassing and public intoxication. He was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and was released Sunday evening, footage shows him inside the jail.

John R. Tyson is the son of John H. Tyson, who is the board chairman of Tyson Foods. He was appointed CFO on October 2nd, also serving as the company's executive vice president.

A spokesperson for the company issued a statement, saying “We’re aware of the incident and as this is a personal matter, we have no additional comment.”

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