Here's a great story for National Love Your Pet Day, and it's a reminder that your dog might have a little more going on upstairs than you realize.

Two little kids under the age of six wandered off while they were playing in their yard in Holt, Florida on Saturday.

They ended up on the side of an interstate and could have been hit, but luckily, two dogs were there with them. Both dogs were some sort of shepherd mix, which came into play big time because they literally got in the kids' way and prevented them from walking out into the road.

Several witnesses told police they saw the dogs pushing the kids toward a guardrail, so they couldn't walk onto the highway, and because of that, both of them are fine.

Their foster dad and his other kids were out looking for them when the cops showed up. The dad actually saw them walk off, but has some sort of medical condition and couldn't follow them. So police determined he didn't do anything wrong.

It turned out the two kids had wandered away while, quote, "trying to chase a rainbow."

Read more at Fox 35.

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