Two turkeys from Walcott, Iowa were pardoned by President Donald Trump this year.

Corn and Cob were raised by Ron and Susie Kardel from Walcott. Ron serves as chairman of the National Turkey Federation, and are the eighth Iowans to present a turkey to a president. 

"I think this event is great today because lord knows 2020's been a real challenge," Kardel said. "I think it's great to celebrate something that's happy, something that's for everybody, something that's for all of America."

  Two VITs (Very Important Turkeys) checking in! After a long road trip from Iowa, these birds strutted their stuff on the... Posted by National Turkey Federation on Sunday, November 22, 2020

  Iowa is the seventh highest turkey producing state in the U.S. with approximately 12 million raised annually.

The Turkey's received a high-security motorcade, which brought the Kardels and turkeys to the White House.

Ron, Susie, Corn, and Cob headed to the White House, loaded up in the back of a truck and ready to be pardoned. Now that they're pardoned, they'll go to live at a turkey production facility at Iowa State University.

Sadly, we obviously can't eat the pardoned turkeys, but if you're at Kinnick Stadium, you'll find legs generously donated by the pardoned turkeys' siblings at the Big Ass Turkey Legs vendor. I've been told turkey legs grow back, but I'm not sure how true that is.

Listen to our full conversation with Susie below.

Read more at the Ames Tribune.

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