I talked with Glenn Cole, head brewer at Geneseo Brewing Co, at a new brewery opening up in Bettendorf. He & head brewer Adam Ross talk about the new place offering take out.

Twin Span Brewing will be opening up at 6776 Championship Drive, Bettendorf.  They'll be planning to start selling to-go containers this Saturday but they have a few hurdles to overcome.

Find updates on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TwinSpanBrewing/

They'll have their website launched soon, where people can order online.
We'll have food options to-go but there will be fewer options than when we're allowed to let people into the dining room.
Beer choices:
Steel Beam Stout: 4.5% ABV Irish extra stout
Bambuco: 4.8% English Brown ale,
The Gold: 3.9% British Golden,
Nothing On (Maibock): 7.3% Maibock
80 North: 9.7% Imperial IPA
Plus two more lagers coming very soon - a Pre-Prohibition lager and a German Pils
Twin Span Brewing
6776 Championship Drive, Bettendorf

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