In elementary school, if I didn't remember to bring lunch money, I had to eat a stale PB&J they gave the "no money kids."

One of the West Loop's newest restaurants, PB&J: Pizza, Beer & Jukebox, known for their PB&J's, has one sandwich on their menu that exceeds the usual price of a peanut butter and jelly at $350.

PB&J co-owner Matthew McCahill says the ingredients for the sandwich make it the most expensive sandwich in the world.

The jam comes from Maison Dutriez in France, a company that has followed the same tradition since the 14th century. When you buy a sandwich, you get the remainder of the jar as well.

"Golden Goose" is the name of the sandwich, and in addition to the jam, it's also made with "gold leaf-crusted bread", and topped off with a drizzle of high priced Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.21.09 AM

Surprisingly enough, the peanut butter is pretty standard, which runs about $6 a jar at Walmart. Don't they know choosy moms choose Jif?

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