Some people go above the bar for their mothers and grandmothers, but then there's the special kind of people who go above and beyond for other people's mothers and grandmothers. The latter speaks volumes to me as I get older and as my parents get older, because they might need help and I wouldn't know it.

A TikTok video starts off with an elderly woman looking to cross an inches deep puddle between her and her minivan.

She stands there as a box truck with a lift gate backs up to the sidewalk she's standing on, allowing her to use the gate as a bridge over to her van.

@tommyxblakethis video is so wholesome

♬ original sound - tommy blake

As she crosses onto the "bridge" made from the lift gate, the driver even holds her hand to make sure she doesn't fall as she steps across the gap onto it.

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The driver keeps the gap line up perfectly so she can open up the door of the van, climb in, and shut it. She waves to the special helper before she shuts the door to thank him.

It's so cool to see that there are people out there who still care for people.

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